Zach in Hawaii

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 16, 2005

Our resident Bardstown Boaters check in from Hawaii:


Hey Everyone, I have seen and done so many things over the last couple of weeks its hard to explain it all. Here is kind of a run down, There are classic pictures of the infamous chair jumping party in evansville. My personal favorite is of the chair jumping champion himself, i wanted to get his autograph but he brushed me off. So i named my fantasy football team and this email after him. If you dont understand this explanation, give me a call and i will gladly catch you up on it.

The next set of pics are from my trip to Reno NV were Jack let me fly the plane over Tahoe, These pics are beautiful but it should really make you wonder about the status of our nations homeland security when a yahoo like me can pick up the sticks and cruise around. Seriously, thanks jack and christy for the time of my life.
The next set of pics is of the USS Missouri. Check out the guns on this bad boy. It is nicknamed the Mighty Mo and for good reason. This day was awesome because for those of you who may not know. this is the ship where the Japanese surrendered WWII. Really cool stuff. In the background you can see the USS Arizona that was sunk during the attack on Peral Harbor.

The other pics are going to be kind of hard to pick out. Some of the pics (like the sun sets and the spearfishing guy) are from the North Shore. Check out the cloud that looks like Kentucky. I poured a splash of beer out to pay homage to the homeland. just kidding that would be wasteful. The pics that look like they are airial shots of Hawaii are from on top of diamond head. That was simply amazing. The pics of the waves splashing on the rocks are from the eastern side of the island called the windward side. Words cannont discribe this, you have to see it
There should be one pic left to talk about. that is the urinal. This is special because if you will notice it has a headrest. Not just any head rest, a very used head rest. im sure there have been times in my own life where i could have used a headrest. Bless the man that thought that up. lol

Well thats about it. i expect to see all of you out here with in the next two years.
love to all



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