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From The Kentucky Standard: Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Enthusiasm seems to be building for a whitewater park on the Beech Fork in Bardstown.

Fundraising efforts are underway to pay for a visit and analysis by a whitewater park engineer, who will address issues such as water flow and structural feasibility.

While the plan is still just in the idea phase, it does seem to be generating both discussion and actual efforts toward moving the plan forward.

A poker run Saturday that finished at the site of the proposed park drew good participation, especially considering the rainy weather.

The poker run raised more than $500 to add to a “pot” to pay for an engineer’s visit, which is expected to cost about $7,000.

Additional fundraisers are already in the works and whitewater enthusiasts seem to be rallying behind the effort.

Anytime a plan generates both enthusiasm and specific activities that involve real work to further the effort, it makes sense to take note and watch for results.

The Bourbon Festival was just a plan a few short years ago, as were other local initiatives that draw thousands of people to the area annually.

A whitewater park may be just such an idea.