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Richard at Alien Boof

On Saturady Zack and I met up with Richard and Jeremy from the Vikngs to paddle the Ocoee. We paddled the Upper Olympic section first. The first miles of the upper is class II warmup stuff. The action begins with a really great 7 foot drop, Alien Boof. Next comes Mkey’s then the Olympics. The Olympic section is the real deal. Big pushy water. Class IV stuff. Fast and furious.

You pick your way down the left side, whichs makes the run through here easier. After Humungous you move right and run through Edge of World. Heartpuding stuff. Roach Motel is next and that is no joke either. We ran everything without a problem and had a blast doig it.

Zack at Diamond Splitter

We ran the Middle Section next. It was a walk in the park after doing the Upper. We were very tired after running all of this, it was about 5 ½ hours of paddling constant class III.

On Friday and Saturday night we camped at Chillowee State Park. I’ll always prefer camping at River Rats though.

On Sunday we ran the Middle section again. We jumped in Hell Hole a few times at the end after having the river mostly to ourselves. I’m really starting to enjoy the Ocoee. Coming back in July and August will be sweet.