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The Bardstown Boaters held a very productive meeting tonight at Bardstown Mills, discussing future plans of moving forward with the whitewater park initiative.

Phase I – Reconnaissance Evaluation of Municipal Supply and Whitewater Recreation Enhancements on the Beech Fork at Rubble Dam – has been completed.

Phase II is projected to cost $44,500. The Bardstown Boaters plan to seek donations and sponsorships from local businesses, hold fundraising events and seek out a non-profit shell for the money to be received.

Ideas ranged from bourbon barrel races on local water ways, card tournaments, educational and environmental grants and receiving funds from local government due to the whitewater park also being a municipal water supply project. Improvements to the rubble dam would serve recreational purposes as well as serving Bardstown’s current and future water needs.

Spalding Hurst, the club President, will be building an informational packet that highlights the benefits of the park and outlines the details of the park’s creation. Total costs are estimated by to be between $350,000 & $500,000.

Future meetings are being planned to occur each month to discuss the progress on the park and all other club activities. Continue visiting this website for more details.