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Jay and I got on the Elkhorn today around 4pm.  The level was at 2100cfs and the temp was around 62 degrees.  I paddled my canoe while Jay test drove my Werner paddle.  I should have taken by kayak though it would have been way more fun.  The left side of Angioplasty is awesome.  That section alone makes the mediocre level of 2000cfs okay. Jay shot some video of me running the dam rapid in the canoe.

Jay Wrote:
Temp was around 60, level was around 2,000.  Lots of small, med, and big play waves.  One good one was the run on the opposite side of the island from Angioplast (the surf wave we always stop at).  It was huge.  I went around it like a byatch of couse, was a little chilly for me to tip.  Water is still on the chill side.  Comeon spring!