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Tim, Jay and myself paddled the Beech Fork this Saturday morning. We did the section from Mantin to 49. The water level was 340cfs. A quick wind storm rolled in just before we put on. The skies soon cleared and we had nice weather most of the way down.

At one point we may have spotted a wolf — or just a dog in the wild. It seemed to be hanging around a small hole in the side of a ridge. We soon forgot about the wolf/dog when a bald eagle flew from a tree right above our heads. We were amazed to see it, especially on the Beech Fork. I’ve only seen one other before, on the Kentucky River and from quite a distance. This was starting from about twenty feet above our heads as the eagle then flew down stream away from us. It was awesome.

The day was really about getting some exercise and scouting for the upcoming paddle pickup. The extra wildlife made it pretty epic. Plus, I love paddling in my own back yard.