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Adventure Sports Center International (asci) is home to the world’s only mountain-top whitewater course and to a diverse array of adventure sports opportunities.

ASCI Whitewater Park

This whitewater park is set to open the Spring of 2007 on the summit of Marsh Mountain in McHenry, Maryland. McHenry is 3 hours from the Washington, DC area, 2 hours from Pittsburgh, and within a 3 hour drive for over 26 million people.

The asci whitewater course is just over 1700 feet long and drops 24 feet. Pumps lift water from the lower pond and shoot it out horizontally into the start pool at a speed of 5 feet per second. At five locations on the course are variable wave shapers that allow asci to adjust the waves and hydraulics to fit the needs and desires of the guests.

Adventure Sports Center International