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Team River Runner will be doing a national sponsored whitewater trip for veterans to the Hiwassee and Ocoee rivers August 6th through the 8th.

The Hiwassee is a very beginner friendly Class 2 wide river with some smaller ledges. The Ocoee is a Class 3+ river with pushier water and more traffic. 

If you aren’t familiar with who or what Team River Runner is check out their website here:

They are looking for two things!

  • If you are a vet and wish to participate in this trip you are invited! Food, camping and in some cases boats are free. Transportation I believe to the event is up to you but you can coordinate with the event organizers to arrange car pooling.
  • They also need volunteer boaters to help as guides and safety boaters for the trip. Volunteers will pay $25-30 for camping and your meals are on you.

If you are interested in either going as a vet or helping as a volunteer, then please see this thread for the contact details.