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Song of the Moment

Happy Gauley Fest everyone. Here is the song of the moment to help you kick off the weekend.Pearl Jam’s new one. Just Breathe off of Backspacer.

Song of the Moment: Nathan Medley

Nathan Medley has a new album out and you can listen to many of the songs at is a singer & songwriter from Fredericksburg, Kentucky. He makes the kind of music that sounds like it came from Kentucky.His new album is called Hill Billy...

Song of the Moment

This is the song of the moment. ”The Funeral” by Band of Horses. You will enjoy this tune while driving home on the Eastern Mountain Parkway.[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]replaceIfFlash9(“audio_player_55813468″,”)

Song of the Moment

Neil Young’s “Alabama”You just can’t beat old Neil Young tunes. May this one be on you’re radio the next time your heading to the put-in.[Flash 9 is required to listen to...

Song of the Moment : Kitchenware & Candybars

download itHere is a great song from back in the day. Not one of the hits from STP’s Purple album, but a favorite around here. And hey, listen to the lyrics. It’s a river song.Is STP getting back together? Is Scott Weiland still alive? These guys used to be good.If...