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Rock Slide at the Ocoee River

Workers with heavy equipment had cleared all but a few boulders from a rockslide that blocked U.S. Highway 64 this morning when, with a tremble and a roar, another huge slide spilled across the road and into the Ocoee River gorge.

Florida by way of the Ocoee

From Spalding:Since I was heading down to Florida for a family vacation I thought I would stop over at the Ocoee on the way down. I met up with Josh and we ran the Ocoee on Saturday and Sunday, the Middle and the Upper sections. It was very crowded this weekend, fewer...

Ocoee Weekend

From Spalding Hurst:I was at the Ocoee this weekend. Many Vikings were there and that is who I paddled with. I ran the upper twice and the lower twice. It was a great weekend on the water, fun as always. I drove home through Nashville, this wasn’t any faster,...