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40 Mile Day: Upper Meadow through the Lower Gauley(Source:

ibtia: a break down of all the rapids on the Gauley River.

Josh Reports On Gauley Fest

WOW, Gauley Fest was awsome! I think we need to have a club outing for the Fest! Thousands of other boaters, which makes a great environment for a get together. Me and Ben and Cave Larry from Vikings got together Fri. were lead down the Lower Gauley by Todd Garland...

Gauley River

The infamous Gauley River rafting trip. We had a large crowd. Todd Arms, Michael Sloane, Smitty, Kerkhoff, his brother and dad, Smitty’s dad, the whole Mathews crew and David Etheridge, Eric and Jacque Salsman too. A big group. We ran the Lower Gualey and the...