Sheltowee Trace

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 26, 2006

Big South Fork Canyon

Spalding Hurst O&W Rapid BSF Canyon

Three sisters wasn’t very much surfable at the low level.  Most things were tamer out there this day.  But I still love the canyon.  Easy to get to, easy to run shuttle and fun to run.

We camped at the big rock before the bridge.  There is another good camping spot just behind the big rock. This was the first night of our 3 day adventure.

The next day we met Jay and John Thomas at the Cumberland Falls and began our Sheltowee hike. The section the Sheltowee Trace that we were doing runs along the river with views of the rapids along the way. Also along the way were some beautiful creeks that feed into the Cumberland. These creeks had some wonderful waterfalls on them.  After a quick 3 miles we camped at Dog Slaughter Creek.  Camp there was amazing. We should camp here some time while paddling the Cumberland Falls section.  A sandy beach with the falls of the creek behind us and a great view of the river in front of us.  That was a pretty cool campsite.

The next day we hiked 12 miles and finished the hike early.  The highlight to that day was lunch at Bark Camp Creek.  The waterfalls along the Cumberland river just kept getting better and better as the day went on though. The hike never grew too strenuous. Just when you think you can’t hike another foot your out there for 2 more hours and the time flies by.



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