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Kreckels Rapid on the Big South Fork

Level: 1500cfs

I ran the Big South Fork this Sunday. I drove down on Sunday morning meeting up with Adam, Bryon, Chris and Troy from the Viking Canoe Club along the way. The sun was out and the weather was great. I took my Huka out for it’s first real run and it performed very well through all the rapids of the BSF.

We put on at the confluence and ran down to O&W. I ran the left side boof at Double Drop with no problems, washing machine was pretty easy at this level and on The El I was surprisingly able to keep upright all the way through it. All the rapids seemed quite manageable at this level. Might have been even more fun in my play boat since there are a lot of play spots.

It’s a long day of driving to do the BSF as a day trip, but always worth it. Next time I won’t forget to bring my camera either.

Pictures and video from the day.