Russell Forkin’

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 26, 2003

Low Water 150-200cfs

Back then John and I didn’t give a shit that the water was low at the Russell Fork. We just wanted to go boatin’. To go exploring an see what was out there. So we loaded up early in the morning and hit the road for a 4 hour drive to the lower Russell Fork. Even at low water Meat Grinder made me swim. There wasn’t a whole lot to the rest of the run. But we enjoyed it. We looked at the gorge from the Breaks Park and hitch hiked back to our car. We should haven’t gotten a run in on the the upper while we were there, but hind sight is 20/20.

found from an email:
John and I went down the Russell Fork today. These are pictures of the middle section, the Russell Fork Gorge (class IV-V+) taken from the Breaks National Park. I never knew it before researching this river, but the middle section is crazier than the upper Gauley. We did the lower section which was only II+, but pretty technical in the low water. It was a great stretch of river. When more water is running we want to go back and do the upper section, and one day when we feel like kings of the water, the middle section.

We talked to a local guy who was swimming with his dog and had black teeth. He was at the take out. He says he runs the middle section all the time. He didn’t seem like he knew shit about shit, but he does run that river all the time and he doesn’t even blink about it.

They also have a festival down here: The Russell Fork Rendezvous, which is a bluegrass, roots music and boating festival. 1st weekend in October I believe. They also have damn releases all through October here.



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