Russell Fork Bachelor Party

Posted by Spalding Hurst

October 27, 2007


Zach nelson at Bartlick Bridge on the Russell Fork

It was an epic trip for the Bardstown Boaters at the Russell Fork this weekend in October. Many Bardstown paddlers came together in Elkhorn City, Kentucky for the Russell Fork Rendezvous and a Saturday run on the upper section. The trip was held as a bachelor party for Spalding Hurst, so it was quite a mixture of folks who came out to paddle, some for the first time in while.

Johnny Mathews led a group in the raft. Tommie Hurst, David Etheridge, Ryan Hamilton & Toby Thompson topped off that crew.

Stan Hurst & Bill Thomas on 20 Stitches

Bill Thomas & Stan Hurst styled it in the clubs 2-man duckie. I think they both have more whitewater runs in their future.

Zach Nelson & John Thomas both paddled duckies as well. John was in some wily, crazy, little duck that wanted to stern squirt and flip all over the place, but he kept it control most of the time. Zach is now a inflatable kayak zen master.

Spalding Hurst and Josh Carpenter kayaked as probes, finding lines and setting up camera for the rest of the crew while Jay Thomas and Ben Ballard led the group in their creek boats.

Back at Camp

Michael Greenwell, Jeremy Martin & Patrick Jefferies joined up for the festivies back at camp that night.

The weather could not have been any better for this weekend. The bigger release on the Pound and the sunshine made for a perfect day of whitewater at a Kentucky whitewater jewel. The Bardstown Boaters can’t wait for the next member to get hitched so they can celebrate again!

Did you hear that Zach?


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