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Severe thunder storms and heavy rains hit the area this whole past weekend and continue to do so today. Lot’s of creeks were going off because of all the rain, but being in Nashville for Jay’s bachelor party and the SEC tournament I wasn’t able to get on any of them.


I did manage to finally see Rowan Creek with some flow in it. I took these pictures of the brown whitewater at the bridge on Pottershop road.

The creek was moving really fast. The tributaries around Rowan Creek were rolling too. Just beyond the horizon line the creek drops as the picture on the left shows. That picture is from last summer when the creek was dry.

If you were to put on on right around here you would have to commit to running the big drop at the horizon line. There is another drop just below the big one that might be pretty good too.

Next time I’ll have to bring my boat, some one to paddle with and run this bad boy from Pottershop to Heaven Hill.