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Spalding Hurst recently hiked to Rowan Creek from the My Old Kentucky Home State Park and has this report on the falls of Rowan Creek.

Rowan Creek Park and Play

Rowan Creek has a pretty good set of falls on it, right beside Poettershop Road. But it also has a access by way of the My Old Kentucky Home park. Their is a trail that spans the creek and ends near Pottershop Road where the Falls of Rowan Creek are. After checking this spot out on Sunday morning I think it has the potential to be a nice park and surf after some heavy rains. I was surprised at how much water was moving through the creek on this day. Probably about 50 cfs.

I did not take any pictures but attached is a picture from a few years ago when John Mathews, Jay Thomas and myself hiked the creek. The play spot would be on the lower drop, about a 4 foot drop. There is pretty good access from Pottershop road at this point, so hiking in like I did is not mandatory.

The next time we get some heavy rains and I can get to Bardstown I plan to really check this spot out.