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305 cfs

Joshua Seabolt, Josh Carpenter, Spalding Hurst and Mike from Ohio ran the Rockcastle River on Monday. It was another great low water whitewater adventure on the narrows of one of Kentucky’s most scenic rivers. Joshua was back on whitewater for the first time in eight years, while Spalding was testing out his new RV at Bee Rock campground for this trip. A Dayton area paddler named Mike joined the group after he saw the RV roll into camp with the kayak on board.

The group ran just the Narrows, putting on below Beech Narrows and hiking in and back up for second run on the best rapids of the Rockcastle. The Rockcastle is always a great time and can be stretched out for a longer run by doing the hike back to the top on the river left side trail.

Not many people seem to get to the Rockcastle, but just know that it’s there, always waiting, and almost always runnable.