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The Rockcastle is awesome. I have said that before, but it has been a while since I have gotten down there. I love the run even more with the new shuttle and the new rapids. You can easily run the lower narrows twice in one day, you could probably run them three or four times if you wanted.

Josh and I ran the lower narrows twice, a bomber run before Ben came down. Then on our second trip we took our time, scouting the rapids and shooting video at each one. There were many other boaters down at the Rockcastle, more than I had ever seen before, though some of them were running the CBF this day. We did meet up with Meagan and Bubba on the water.

The new shuttle is easy and short. We put on above the Lower Narrows, but you can walk up river some and put on above Beech Narrows if you wish. All you have to do for the shuttle is turn right on Close road, look for the trail head with the gate on the left, then walk down about 10 minutes to the water. Rinse and repeat.

You can’t get this much bang for your buck this close to home. 2 runs, 5 hours of paddling on the beautiful Rockcastle and about 16 class II and III rapids. I’m glad to see more people enjoying one of Kentucky’s best whitewater runs.