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Jay and I got in a day trip to the Rockcastle. A great river day with lots of combat rolling for me, the has helped my confidance on the river I think. After jumping into a whole on Screaming Right last week and now getting worked a touch in the Narrows I feel better about my cobat rolling. I am calm under the water in rapids. The details: We left at 7:30am from Louisville and shoved off at 11:30am on the river. The shuttle setup and getting to the put-in is long. Stair steps was god, we walked around Beech Narrows which looked very grabby this day and then had a blast on the 6 drops of the lower narrows. The lake was at 717ft, this gave us 6 rapids in the Narrows, covering one small rapid that I know of, that was exposed last time at 711ft. So there really aren’t a whole bunch of rapids for such a long shuttle, but the Rockcastle is beautiful and no one else goes down there. We got lost trying to get back out to Highway 80. The road signs and maps don’t jive very well. When taking Squib-Ano road out take a left at the Adkins/Arthur crossing. I may be getting to a point where I would like some more excitement in my kayaking, but I still love the Rockcastle the best. I think the rating on needs to be class II-III(IV) Next time I go I hope to get pictures of all the rapids and update the website on AW.