Red River Gorge Hike

Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 11, 2006

Red River: 50cfs

Hiking In The Red River Gorge

Jay and I met up with his brothers, Bill and John and the four of us headed out into the gorge to try and hike all the way to the Red River narrows where the hardest rapids of the whitewater run are. We were unsure of any trails that existed past Clifty Creek, but we would try to stick to the river and see how close we could get.

We didn’t make it. After Clifty Creek the trail turns into a small road, about the size for a 4 wheeler. After the very next creek it begins to wind up the cliff away from the river, then it begins to turn back on it’s self and head the opposite direction we wanted to go. It was at this point that we gave up this trail. We couldn’t find much of any other kind of trail that kept by the river so we opted to head to Clifty Creek and setup camp.

We had great weather, great if you like to take on all the elements, cold rain the first day followed by just the cold the 2nd. Personally I was glad to be out hiking and camping in this stuff. We had the gear for it. We a had a good fire. It was a whole lot of fun and the scenery was beautiful. I love the Red River Gorge.

Also 50cfs would be very low and any canoe would scrape in many places along the river, BUT it is certainly doable for a canoe to make it down the river. And it may be the best way to see all the great scenery within the narrows.

So look for us next Spring to go back, this time by boat even at a low water level, for another overnight trip into the Gorge.

Pilots Knob Overlook

Also on the way back home we stopped at the Pilots Knob State Nature Preserve and climbed to the top of Pilots Knob where there are some great views of the Bluegrass. We could see Lexington in distance some 35 miles away. It was a very cool side hike outside of Clay City.

Another great trip!

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