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This year’s “Bourbon City Challenge,” which was last Sunday in the area around Samuels Field, Sympson Lake and west Bardstown, had a pair of major challenges. First, the organizers, led by former Standard Reporter Bob White, lacked a major sponsor and had to scramble to figure out how to pay the bills without serious underwriting. The participants in the run, paddle and peddle competition faced wind gusts of more than 50 mph during the early afternoon dodging falling limbs and being pushed backward and sideways.

As it turned out the second annual event turned out to be a great success with more people taking part as individuals or as part of a team. We hope that the perseverance shown by White, Bardstown Boaters, Horizon Hoppers and the other sponsors will pay off next year in landing a “naming sponsor” for the event.

In the meantime, the community should be thankful that we have volunteers who have the fortitude to stay with a project even in the face of adversity and give it a chance to succeed. If we are going to live up to the outdoor adventure potential that National Geographic Magazine sees here it will take some more of the vision shown by the “Challenge” organizers.

Their efforts should be applauded and others should follow their example to make Nelson County the place it can be.