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Beech Fork


Thank you to everyone who came out for the Poker Run this past Saturday. It was a great success. We raised over $800 to go towards bringing in the McLaughlin Whitewater Group to do a site assessment for a Bardstown Whitewater Park. This is our first step towards our goal of raising $2200.

The winning hand was three 9’s beating out Kings and 6’s. I had guessed trips would end up winning it. Emerson Ballard, a local paddler, played the winning hand and the winnings were donated back toward to the effort.

Even if you didn’t get to come out for the Poker Run their will be more opportunities in the future. You can make a personal donation if you like on our whitewater park site:

And stayed tuned for our next fundraiser coming very soon… The Elkhorn Creek Race!

Thanks to these sponsors for helping us put on the 2006 Poker Run

Boone’s Butcher Shop
Horizon Hoppers
Keeneā€™s Depot
Bardstown Mills