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Release Level

John and I ran the Pigeon along with 13 others of the Viking Canoe Club. It was a good run that I felt was challenging while still being pretty tame. I started off the day flipping at the first rapid then attempting my roll 6 times before getting it. I wasn’t going to swim on the first rapid as an introduction to all the Vikings. I combat rolled a few other times as well and in all had a great run. Got some surfing done as well. I do need to learn some new rolls and hopefully some roll sessions will be available to me soon. On the hardest rapid, Lost Guide, I had a roll that really saved me. After hitting a small slot you have to paddle hard river left to avoid some rocks. I flipped after the slot, but quickly rolled back up and had just enough time to paddle river left. There were two swimmers about as I did this. No one else saw it, but I am proud of that moment. We skipped out on the French Broad because the level was low.