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On Friday November 19, the Bardstown Boaters participated in a one day Paddle Sports Development Conference at the offices of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. The purpose of the meeting was to have an initial discussion about ways to help promote and develop new paddling opportunities in Kentucky. This included the whitewater park that the Bardstown Boaters have been developing.

Moving forward, I think we all need to continue to call for the development of paddlesports venues here within Kentucky. Tourism is already the number three employer in the state and as the national case studies show paddlesports is a very worthwhile avenue of pursuit to expand into, generally bringing a ten to one return on investment over the course of a decade. By supporting the creation of paddlesports venues here within Kentucky  and advertising those venues, we are empowering local entrepreneurs to create jobs right here in Kentucky owned by people right here in Kentucky. That brings either new revenue to our state or keeps revenue here that would have gone elsewhere. This will take a strong team and commitment from all of those involved.