Paddle Pickup 2006

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 13, 2006

Beech Fork River
Manton to 49 Bridge


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The 2006 Paddle Pickup was a huge success! Once again volunteers came out in full force even with a forecast of bad weather. For our efforts Mother Nature sided with the Bardstown Boaters as 29 volunteers pulled out as much garbage as we did in the past, filling a huge dumpster along highway 49 with tires, toilets, water heaters, air conditioners, vaccums and beer cans. All pulled from the banks of our beloved Beech Fork River.

For the 2006 Paddle Pickup we paddled 9 canoes and 1 kayak 6.5 miles from Manton bridge to 49 bridge. Halfway along the journey we began filling the canoes to the brim with trash. At the take out we met with 10 other volunteers who had already pulled all the garbage from that area.

We only had one swim during the event. Kenny and Edie, as the 1st generation showed the 3rd generation the ways of the water.

Horizon Hoppers, Dean Watts, and the Bardstown Rotary Club all once again showed their support for the local enviroment by donating everything the Bardstown Boaters needed to pull off this event. But what is appriciated most is the support from the volunteers old and especially new who came out on May 13th and did something we can all be proud of.


We will see you all next year in May for the next Paddle Pickup if not on a river sometime before then!

2006 Participants
Jay Thomas, Spalding Hurst, Justin Janes, Jennifer Miles, Betsy Berns, Lindsay Schultz, Kenny Thomas, Shirl Thomas, John Thomas, David Gerald Seward, Aarin Lee Seward, Tom Lamont, Wes Parish, Ellen Thimme, Ethan Thimme, Edie Johnson, Angela Babb, Melissa Babb, Marie Babb, Jason Jones, Colin Masters, Tim Wheat, Emerson Ballard, Zack Wimpsett, John B. Mathews, David Etheredge, Toby Thompson and Donna Miles


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