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Summer trip to the Ocoee with Jay, John, and Kenny Thomas, Jonny and Michael Matthews, Scott(Scooter), David Ethridge, Spalding Hurst, Josh Carpenter, and Amber camping at Ocoee River Rats. First run on the lower with Jay and Kenny in the duckie, Spalding and Josh in Kayaks, and Jonny guiding Michael, Scooter, David, and John in Ole Abram(bucket raft). Second run included the upper-lower combo run with Spalding, Michael, Jay, Kenny, John, and scooter in Ole Abram. Tons of fun all around. Highlights include Jay and Kenny with a swim at Double Trouble in the Duckie, running the meat of Double Suck BACKWARDS in Ole Abe, Scooter and Michael getting a bull ride in on Hell Hole, and Ethridge’s attempts to keep a cigar lit on the whitewater. Can’t wait to go back.