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Saturday, June 12th 2004

After not getting the raft down to Tennessee last year, this year we made sure to continue the tradition of rafting the Ocoee. It was the usual suspects this year with added newbies of Casey, Brandon and a couple of burg boys who had never gone whitewater rafting before. We made three trips on the river on Saturday, everyone left on Sunday. Ryan, Brandon and Casey punked out on us on Saturday and went home early. I stayed and kayaked the Hiwassee on Sunday. Casey and Chris Voit swam. River Rats was very good to us this year. After Brandon and Ryan kept everyone up all night they let us stay the next day, but they moved us under a pavilion out front. I am beginning to feel that I can run the Ocoee soon.

Sunday, June 13th 2004

The next day I went up to the Hiwassee and kayaked with Meagan and Darrin. The Hiwassee was cool easy run, which what I was looking for. Good little surf spots, side surfing and some ledge drops.