Nantahala 2006

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 26, 2006

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This past weekend we had a big group down at the Smokies. All the Thomas clan plus myself and Jennifer. We had planned our Nanatahala run for Saturday, but due to rain and colder weather we pushed it back to Sunday. Instead on Saturday we checked out the Belle Chere in Asheville, which is always very cool. We stayed at the Pisgah Inn on Saturday night. That place is very nice and is not far from Asheville at all. Maybe 25 minutes.

On Sunday morning we all met at the river, at NOC. We went up the road a little bit to rent the duckies from Fast Rivers. That place is much cheaper than NOC and they were very nice. So John Thomas and I kayaked and everyone else were in the ducks. Jay and Sarah together, Bill and Tiffany together, Kenny and Jennifer solo.

We put in at the correct spot tis time and got to start things off with a bang on Patton’s Run. A very easy class II+ rapid. But the Nanty is constant, always moving water and fun to paddle. Everyone did awesome, no swims from the duckies and John on only his 3rd time out in the kayak ran every rapid clean. And at the falls, well we all just made the falls look easy. Especially Jennifer, who was making moves all over the place on the river.

After this trip we now know that we need, we want, we will be getting a club duckie. Because everyone who paddled one loved it, and they want to do it again.

Pictures from the trip


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