Mount Ollivier

Posted by Spalding Hurst

April 19, 2004

This write up was originally posted on a website I made while I was in New Zealand in 2004. Since then I have moved all those entries to this site and somewhere along the way I lost many of the pictures. I do have all of the video I shot while I was there, and that was my main focus anyway.

Saving for what could be billed as “the best”, for last, I know there are a lot of pictures on this one.  But we had four cameras going on this trip.  It was a good trip too.  I know that you guys only care about the pictures anyways.  You probably skip right over the text and go straight for these:

This is Mount Cook.  We didn’t climb this monster, but we climbed to Mueller Hut close to Mount Olivia, which we did climb.  It’s only about 1800 meters.  Mount Cook is 3700 meters. The weather was great for the whole trip, so no crazy weather drama this time. The red building is the hut.  That was our base camp for the night.

Some say there was some good scenery up along these ridges.  I wonder where it was. Peeking through the clouds there is the summit of Mount Cook. Peeking around this rock is James from England. At the top. Two rotary scholars.  Sam and Justin. Chillin’ out for lunch on the rocks. Those three that is the crew minus Justin. Special instructions for using the bathroom up on the mountain.  Justin wasn’t able to follow them. Justin got a telephone call once we reached the top.  It was his dad calling from thousands of miles away in Kentucky. This is camp the day before the hike up. Sunrise on the ridge.


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