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A meeting was held at City Hall in Bardstown. In attendance were Mayor Dick Heaton, City Engineer Larry Hamilton, UofL engineers Art Parola and Ben, Bardstown Boaters Spalding Hurst and Justin Janes and from Horizon Hoppers, Mike Hammons.

This meeting was held to discuss bringing in the expertise of Art Parola and his team from the University of Louisville. Larry Hamilton also presented his findings from data he had collected at the rubble dam on the Beech Fork.

One option discussed for the general design of the park would be to rebuild and repair the rubble dam to it’s original height of about 9 ft. This would require bringing rock in to the location. Possibly 1000 cubic yards. Then from this we could build 3 runs varying in the water flow needed, the number of drops and difficulty in class. Each run could be built separately at different points in time if we wish.

So for example we could have a whitewater park in Bardstown consisting of 3 runs through the dam, ranging from class II, class II-III and class III+, runnable in low (150cfs) to high (1000cfs) flows, consisting of up to 9 drops total.