May Meeting Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 18, 2011

May 17th, 2011 Meeting Minutes Motion to Start Meeting at 1939 made by B. Sandmann and Seconded by J. Daniel 10 in Attendance Abbreviated Minutes Approved and Accepted as Presented by J Daniel (very much abbreviated)Officer Reports:President:

NothingVice President:

Clinic was great! (aka nobody was seriously injured!!!


“Thanks to everyone for the support and hard work” Thanks to the Brian and Sarah for the GREAT time!

There was a total of 15 students – which is great considering all of the rain Recommendations for future VP – this was a fantastic location, but maybe next time we won’t include the BWA Total Cost came to $1,199 We will need to pay $150.00 towards the camp ground due to previous miscommunication (we gave BWA the free area) – total cost for camping is $300.00 but the BWA is willing to pay half.

The Clinic was entirely green friendly since we had people bring their own plates and utensils and cups – no plastic or paper needed! We even used a Keg that was returned so there weren’t any aluminum cans or glass bottles!

Local paper (Mountain Express) came and took pictures on Saturday of everyone, which is pretty cool!Safety:

There was brief safety training done at the clinic which seems to have been well received!

BWA is getting certifications – specifically in CPR and Swift Water rescue – damn them for being so safe and proactive… – Come on guys! Learn something that could save your friends life and bring your friends so they can save yours!

There will still be a Level III Kayak Instructor course and a Level III River Rescue Instructor course – so far Doug and Sandmann are planning on being there.

May 28th, 2011 is the Beargrass Creek Clean-up. The Mayor is even paying $3,000 out of his own pocket to hire someone to clean the strainers at the Mouth of the Beargrass.

May 30th, 2011 is the Hike, Bike and Paddle. We need some people to volunteer at the booth for the Hike, Bike and Paddle, any takers?Old News:

July 10th is the National Triathlon Association Triathlon Unknown as to exactly how many people will be there Would we be able to have enough people participate in the safety support?

How would this work out legally?

Do they have Coast Guard/The Civil Engineering People’s approval?

To be continued and further investigated by Nick.

There needs to be a liaison who can help organize/manage events like these (Nick)

Next Tuesday there is going to be a Float down the Otter Creek to make strainers in the water. The area to be floated is from the 1638 Bridge and down.

There needs to be a link on the website and/or forum regarding equipment use We still need to have a gear labeling party sometime definitely before the Hike Bike and Paddle. We are going to do it Sunday May 22nd 2011 at 4pm – if you want to use the equipment they need to be marked appropriately. The party will occur at the River City Canoe and Kayak Shop on Cherokee and Baxter B. Sandmann brought with him today a pamphlet that the BWA had available to people regarding the club and fees and objectives of the club. B. Sandmann believes we should have something like this… especially for the Hike/Bike/ and Paddle, etc Motion to Close: 2100pm Initiated by J. Daniel Seconded by B. Mattingly All were in Favor


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