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Viking Canoe Club
Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Brian & Sarah Mattingly, Jessa & Doug Davis, Brian Sandmann, Turbo-Dog & mini-todd & mini-turbo, Penny, Gunner, Scott Workman, JR-Workman

Call to order: 7:50p

Reading of Minutes – Proposed accepting Feb. Minutes as stated

VP – Brian Mattingly
Recap of Clinic sign-ups: 10 instructors, 4 students

Request of price of clinic & spring fling to be passed to April when we have a better idea of headcount. Plan to run various portions of the river depending on the level of the students.

Verified with AW (Mark Singleton) sent the check of $2800 toTurboDog minus $1000 in AW memberships

Several ideas around how to market the Spring Beginners Clinic to different outlets (KWA, RCCK,, etc.,)

Safety Chair – Doug Davis
Update from International Boating Conference in Savannah, GA:
• Two items pushed by US Coastguard – agency decision (doesn’t have to go before Congress):
o Federally mandated life jacket wearing for all boats 26’ and below and all paddle craft
o Federally mandated classes for all boaters
• Mandatory boat registration (state-by-state) by mandated by national agencies
o Money collected will be put towards put-in’s, white-water
Difference between ACA & AW: ACA fighting for boaters rights and policies in general with the federal government, where AW focuses on access points.

Treasurer – Turbodog

$3141.50 – balance before AW check (+$2800)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Recommendations for updating the gear supply, not to exceed $2,500.
• Request extra gear from club members (helmets, life jackets) to add to the gear:
o Brian Mattingly – 2 life jackets to donate

• Motion to purchase gear will not exceed $2500. If does exceed, executive committee will make the decision.


Solo $ 432.60 2 $ 865.20
Tandeum $ 523.60 1 $ 523.60
Life Jackets – Adult $ 68.95 5 $ 344.75
Life Jackets – Kids $ 24.00 2 $ 48.00
Helmets – Adult $ 35.00 5 $ 175.00
Helmets – Kids $ 30.00 2 $ 60.00
Kayak Paddles $ 65.00 5 $ 325.00
$ 2,341.55

•Idea discussed to utilize funds to give to various organizations during their festivals. Issue tabled.

•Mayor’s Hike, Bike & Paddle. Monday, May 30th. Looking for captains (experienced paddlers in the community) to volunteer for the Paddle. If members of the club would like to volunteer, a free booth space would be available to the Viking Club.

•Scott Workman received an email about a July 10th, 2011 event. – All about kids jam fest. Triathlon. Swim on the Ohio. They are looking for safety support. Scott to find out information and if there is payment involved. Note: Nothing on the club schedule that weekend.

Motion to adjourn.