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One of the suggested projects would be to clean debris and silt that has collected near a pump station in the Beech Fork River. The pump station is close to a rubble dam in the river, near a bridge crossing over the river on U.S. 31E, New Haven Road, Hagan explained.

“That is the pool of water from which we pump to Sympson Lake,” he said. The buildup of debris makes the pipe intake less efficient, he explained. Meanwhile, a nearby bank is falling in, adding to the debris, and ought to be restored, the plan suggests. Actually getting in the stream to clean it out would require the permission of the Army Corps of Engineers. Hagan said he hopes to include funding for the project in the 2012-2013 city budget, but he’s not sure of the cost of the project at this time.

Installing a method to draw water from Sympson Lake when the water level falls below 503 feet above sea level is another project that the city should consider, Hagan added. Hagan said he couldn’t remember the last time the water fell that low, but said it would be a wise precautionary measure.