Letter to City of Bardstown

Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 21, 2012

To those concerned,

I am emailing you as suggested in Saturday’s online Editorial of the Nelson County Gazette regarding the discussion of a new community indoor pool. Additionally, I’m a believer, for multiple reasons, in simply keeping contact with the elected leaders of the community. And lastly I want to make you aware of Bardstown’s unique position to improve the “outdoor” experience within walking distance of downtown.

This past summer my wife and I moved our young family back to Bardstown. As we’re still getting settled we seem to continually notice many improvements made to the community in the past 15 years since we both moved away. I’d like to first take this opportunity to thank any of you that may have been involved in improving the services and facilities provided by the local government. Also, I’d like to let you know that I look forward to possibly providing my own services to help this community that my family now calls home.

My wife and I have two small children which makes us much aware of the advantages in having access to a local indoor swimming facility. This facility would be a wonderful addition to the Bardstown and Nelson County parks services, no question. However, while performing you civic duties reviewing the feasibility of this, as well as any, added facility we ask that you carry out your review with aggressive questioning of actual costs associated, and that you make your decision based on the actual added value you feel this facility will bring to the entire community. With two growing children we can understand how some Nelson County’s families don’t enjoy driving to Marion County for seasonal swim meets. However, the hefty construction bill will need to be paid, along with future bills paid to operate and maintain this proposed facility. Bardstown already operates and maintains an outdoor pool facility I assume in our 4-year old’s favorite color “red.” One example for valuable outdoor fun is the water splash parks, as adopted by Louisville Metro. So please remember to question whether similar value, but lower cost, possibilities exist for the entire community.

In the same spirit of discussing value added facilities, I wanted to make you aware that the City may be in a great position to expand the outdoor trail system in Bardstown and continue to prove why Bardstown was voted top 50 adventure towns by National Geographic magazine. I previously contacted Bardstown Parks’ Donna Pascal to discuss this opportunity. The recent sewer construction near the city park on E. Halstead has already provided clearing and final grading, the majority of work included in typical trail construction. Ever since the City has been working toward improving their water supply by reconditioning the rubble dam on the Beech Fork River I have envisioned a trail system stretching the entire length of down-town, winding through partially wooded terrain, and highlighting a new Whitewater Park of the Beech Fork River. I understand that the trail could begin at the E. Halstead park, travel all along Town Creek, through the historic B-town village, past the country club and Barton’s lake, run adjacenty to the Sewer treatment plant, with the southern terminus located at the planned parking lot for the Whitewater Park. I truly feel that by walking or biking along a partially wooded path would provide timeless value to the community by awarding Bardstown residents and visitors a wonderful outdoor experience as they pass Bardstown landmarks and enjoy the area’s unique nature that surrounds them.
I believe with the sewer construction the city may be in a position to seriously look into this idea. Like I told Donna, I’m willing, and excited, to do all that I can to help provide Bardstown with additional access to outdoor hiking/biking trails.

Please let me know when we can get started on this. 🙂

Thank you again for your services.
Happy Holidays.

Jay Thomas


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