Last Day of Winter

Posted by Spalding Hurst

March 19, 2006

Elkhorn Creek


Kenny Thomas made his first run down the
Elkhorn today and he did it with Jay and I.  And of course he ran it in the Blue Hole.  The temperature only got up to 50 degrees butt it was a nice day and everyone was very comfortable on the water.

We met at the put-in around 11:30 and were on the water by noon. We paddled the shortened section skipping all the flatwater at the end.

The left side of the island was the place to be today.  I never had noticed before what a great ledge there is over there for surfing.  It was very nice today at this level.

We got off the river in time to catch the UK game on radio.  They may have lost to UCONN in the NCAA tournament, but for getting off our butts and getting on water even when we thought it might be a little cold, we are winners.  And if you didn’t go with us on the Elkhorn today, well that must mean that you are losers.

Elkhorn List of rapids:
Church Ledge
Dam Rapid
S Turn Rapid or Dale’s Railroad Rapid
Hawks Hole (largest gorge wall)
Lunch Stop Rapid
Dead Cow Rapid
Mill Rapid
Upper Colston
Lower Colston
Surf City
Barking Dog Rapid
FARRT Rapid (Frankfort Area River Rodeo Team)

This was supposed to be a trip to the Rockcastle but due to weather and water we opted for the Elkhorn. But we will still do the Rockcastle very soon, probably in two weeks, so be ready!

*video from the trip


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