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For the past few days I have been hanging out in the Abel Tasman national park.  Currently I am chasing after a kayak in Nelson.  I sold the last boat I had.  I did not like the Flip-Stick.  It Flip-Stunk.  So I am going after an InaZone. 
As for the weekends travels, Justin and I spent the first night, Thursday, chillin’ in Picton, a port town where all the ferries come in from Wellington.

Not much happens in this sleepy little town except when a ferry gets in and a small rush of people head out through the town and towards their destinations.  At a local bar that night I talked about bluegrass music with a local guy.  He plays Mandolin in a group here.  He was amazed that we had actually seen some of his favorite bluegrass artist live back in the states.

So the next day was slowly spent making our way towards the Abel Tasman National Park for some sea kayaking.

Making stops along the way at this Indiana Jones type hanging bridge, the beach in Nelson where a bunch of guys were Kite Surfing and finally Motuaka.

Next, was the booking for a sea kayaking trip and a stay at Old MacDonalds farm.  Complete with all the farm animals, including a donkey and a Llama.

Saturday was spent sea kayaking along the beautiful coast of the Abel Tasman. Then back to Picton.

I checked out a QK Stealth kayak that some guy was selling.  That boat sucked, so I passed it up.  Now I’m here in Subway, in Nelson, New Zealand that is, not county.  I have to go call this guy in a minute and hopefully I’ll have a boat I like real soon.  Then it’s off to Murchison again for you guessed it, more kayaking.  Tonight I am sleeping in my car.  I can even wake up tomorrow to a sunrise over the beach.  Now how can you beat that?

Everywhere I look I am reminded of home.