Just Another Elkhorn Weekend

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 15, 2006


Elkhorn Creek
Saturday: 2200cfs
Sunday: 1400cfs

We had 2 great days on the Elkhorn this weekend. After Friday nights storms hit the area, we were all set for a whole weekend of great levels on the on backyard whitewater run.


Saturday morning I woke up and began trying to read message boards and water levels on my cell phone. I hadn’t heard from anyone yet about when they would like to run the Elkhorn so I headed off to Glenn’s Creek. I had never seen it so I thought I would check it out and see if anyone else was there. No one was there at 9:30, but it looked like it was running pretty good. Also I learned that it is very close to my house in Frankfort, so the next time it pours down I will be ready to jump on this one.

Michael then called me, so I met him and his friend at the Elkhorn. It was an awesome run this day at 2200cfs. It was his friend’s first time in a kayak, but he ran the Elkhorn with no problems. By the end he was giving his best efforts at surfing and then his best efforts at wet exiting. The surf waves this day were top notch for the ELkhorn with that left side at angioplasty being the best.

After I ran the Elkhorn I went back to Glenns just to have a look at it. It was still running, a little lower than before, but still good to go. Most of Glenn’s is road scoutable on 1659. I was told it to take out at a church parking lot in Millville.

Then I went grocery shopping and then back to the Elkhorn. I paddled just down to Church Wave, surfed on it until I was dog tired and then paddled back up to my truck and went home.

Day 2:


On Sunday Jay and his brothers, John and Bill joined me for another ride down the Elkhorn. Jay paddled the canoe for the first time. Bill kayaked for the first time. AT 1400cfs the creek was just about as much fun as the day before. Bill had a couple of swims, but paddled like a champ. I just hope all the new kayakers stick with it.

At the take out someone dislocated their shoulder so the national guard was brought in to watch as the guy was brought up to the vehicles by canoe.

Good times this weekend. No, great times this weekend.


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