June Meeting Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

June 29, 2011

Meeting Minutes 6/21/11

Forewarning: I am very sleepy so there could be some typos… just throwing it out there…

Motion to start meeting made by Drew Daniel and seconded by Penny

There were 10 in attendance including but not limited to: B. Sandmann, D. Davis, J. Davis, D. Daniel, J. Daniel, Scott Workman, Todd Schindler (aka Turbo), A. Littlebird and more

Meeting minutes were briefly reviewed and read by A. Littlebird then were voted on/accepted by all.

El Presidente:

The instructor course was helpful and enlightening and highly recommended.

Nobody in the course died. Which is always a plus

Now that B. Mattingly and S. Mello have moved to IDAHO (no… you da ho), we no longer have a Social Chair or Vice President – anyone interested? Right now we need a Social Chair more than the VP so if you’re interested – Let’s Get IT STARTED!

The Money Man:

We currently have $2,740.02 (at the time of the meeting) in the account

There is a $150 dollar check going to BWA for camping at the clinic

AW acres is in desperate need of maintenance – BWA wants us to pay 50:50 (around $1,500) towards the maintenance. As we all know the BWA has a lot more members and have made a lot more money than we have. B. Sandmann is going to discuss with them if maybe we could split it 1/3:2/3. TBD

We are still trying to find a place to stay for the picnic, which should not cost more than $600 (including camping and food). It will be held at the Ocoee but we are not going to be camping at the same place as we did last year.

July 4th is Burnwood(?) – follow up with G. Shade for details

Safety is KEY:

J. Burks, B. Sandmann, D. Davis are all Certified Level 3 Instructors

20+ BWA-ers have gotten certified in CPR this MONTH!! Remind me who I kayak with again!? YOU GUYS! (sorry getting a little slap happy) 

You can take your classes anywhere – you do not have to use the RCCK peeps if you don’t want to. Just try to get certified (we can’t stress it enough)

Something about Emmett Tyler – I must have been trying to eat some chips and now can’t remember where this name fit in… If anyone has anything to add feel free…

Buckhead’s Border Challenge: 

An Olympic Triathlon here in Louisville in 2 weeks (July 10th) where 400+ people are going to swim across the Ohio. They are asking for Boater Safety Support. Compensation was discussed with (lightbulb!) Emmett regarding reimbursment… options being: volunteers possible with a post race party, volunteers probable with a donation to the club, or definite peeps who would be paid… 

July 16th is going to be the Women’s on the Pigeon/Broad – stay tuned!

August 21st-22nd – there will be a Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue Course

Will be held at the Russell Fork

More to come

National Paddling Sports Conference is going to be in the Fall

There will be instructor courses out yo booties

There will also be paddling and volunteer opportunities out yo booties…

(Secretary has nothing to report)

Roll Sessions are on Wednesday Nights at Dean’s Lake

At this time we are requesting that people have some sort of identifiable name on the Forum. It doesn’t have to be a full name. It can be your first initial and last name or your full first name with the last initial. 

There might be a possibility that we may vote for a dedicated webmaster would have all mastery of the web page and the forum… any volunteers? There have been some people taking care of the forum and webpage for a while (Spalding Hurst) so we just might want to make this relationship official and maybe put it up on Facebook  

We need to find out if the club has a “Mission Statement” and re-evaluate what it is and what it means. It’s time to define the purpose of the club…

Triathlon liaison – we need someone who can learn/who knows are the knit and grit to Triathlons and safety, including liability standpoints and making sure the participants/volunteers are insured, that group holding the triathlon are connected with LMPD and the Coast Guard, etc. There are certain issues that need to be addressed and maybe if there was someone who triathlon groups could hook up with every time that knew all of the ins and outs of the trade. David Wimsett nominated and accepted – he will be gathering information from Turbo and others who have previous experience in the situations to get a better grasp on those addressable issues… (if that makes any sense)

On to some business that has been discussed on the forum lately:

“Conflict of Interest” with Doug and RCCK was discussed – all 8 people at meeting (some had left early) feel that there is no conflict of interest with RCCK

The forum is open to all corporations who would want to post any sales/news that they may want. Everybody present feel that Doug and Jessa with RCCK have helped the club and have provided for the club free housing of all the gear, new gear “at cost” (obviously Doug doesn’t get profit from) and provided discounts to members. Also Doug is a wealth of information when it comes to lessons and safety opportunities/classes. He does not force anyone to take classes through him and has multiple times stated that all he wants is for people to get certified somewhere and it doesn’t matter where as long as they get the information they need to maybe save a friend/family member/complete stranger on the water. End of Discussion 

Motion to close made by Jessa Davis and seconded by A. Littlebird

This posting was made in part by Jessica Daniel – not to be misconstrued into oblivion by any who may try… THANKS!!! 


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