July Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 24, 2011

Six People in attendance:
Brian S., Eleanor A., Doug D., Drew D., Jessica D., Robert M.

Officer Reports

Summer Picnic – Discussed with BWA, they are taking care of most the of the arrangements. Cost will be around $300 including BBQ meat and vegetarian options. It will be a potluck so everyone is urged to bring a side/dessert etc. Camping will be at Adventures Unlimited. More Details to come. As a reminder the raft, shredder and duckies will only be reserved for use at the picnic per policy. Thanks to everybody for their understanding of this.

We received a $500 donation after the Buckhead Triathlon.
Scott W. Saved a life!
21-22 of August is the Level 4 SWR Course

Old Business:
No one is showing up to the Roll Sessions
Every other Wednesday LACK has an after work paddle with rental options -> maybe the roll sessions can alternate this every other Wednesday. They will still be up at Deam’s Lake
Plan on having a Potluck one day as an Appreciation for working the Triathlon. This will be held at a Roll Session and We plan on inviting LACK to the party.

For the last couple triathlons we have had a poor turnout and they have been very unsafe and poorly put together
Ex: Westport Tri – we only had 3 safety people One was Brian S. the other two had never been in a boat before and had no lifejackets. Captain’s Quarter Tri – Same thing pretty much…
IF we are going to do Triathlons we need to make sure of a couple things:
1. There needs to be increased communication
2. Communication needs to start earlier (more time before the triathlon) At least a month notice.
3. The Liaison needs to have the ability to check the safety of each triathlon

We need volunteers to help teach at roll sessions.

New Business:
Ellie A. is tentatively will to be social chair, maybe with a partner (cough cough Jen B. cough cough)
U of L is planning on building a $37.5 Million Rec Center -> Goal is to work with U of L and get U of L students into a club much like UK’s Wildwater Cats.
***** if you are reading this and you came to the spring beginner’s clinic we would love to have you at the meetings so you can voice your opinions and such of the sort*****

We need to develop as a club two new “Official” officers: IT Guru/Officer and Social Chair

That is all…

Motion to close maybe by J. Daniel and Seconded by D. Daniel – All approved


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