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Jackson Fun

Josh Carpenter has a new kayak.

Finally got a playboat this week, got a used Fun. Got to take it out today on the Rockcastle. Going from the Mamba to a play boat that I weigh in on the heavy side of is quite a transition. I was getting squirted in everyrapid and constantly fighting to stay up. Eric had also just got a new Playboat, a Dagger Agent. We were both excited about the new boats, Eric was so excited his shoulder popped out on the first rapid, Beech N. I thought we were going to have to hike out right there before I ever even got a chance to try the new boat out. Luckilly he was able to put it back in himself and actually paddled amazingly well the rest of the trip. I think its time for me to take a first aid class so we will be better prepared, today proved how easily and random it can happen and I was not prepared for the situation. Anyway we both had a good time, we each swam in the new boats, and well were still working on the cartwheels.