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Ben's New Boat and Old Boat

WOW, Gauley Fest was awsome! I think we need to have a club outing for the Fest! Thousands of other boaters, which makes a great environment for a get together. Me and Ben and Cave Larry from Vikings got together Fri. were lead down the Lower Gauley by Todd Garland and Brian Sandman. Todd was a great guide and made our first trip a very successful one. The water is big fast, the first rapid is Koontz Flume and when you get to the bottom and see what you just ran it really gets the adrenaline going especially since this was a step up for me. Ben did amazing on the Lower, for having paddled nothing harder than the CBF he did awsome and hit some good combat rolls. He did have one swim and that was at Pure Screaming Hell the last class IV on the section but other than that he was impressive.

Saturday we just relaxed, I hiked into Pillow Rock on the upper and that was as much fun as running the lower, saw lots of carnage and took some pics. The festival was lots of fun, great deals on gear and boats, kayak videos projected all over the fest and lots of good company and music.( Lots of cool Free stuff too) So I’ve already marked it on my calendar to go next year, you guys should to, definitely worth the trip.