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My sister and the World Championships

#1 A lot of people don’t know I have a sister. But I do, and her name’s Jackie. She 17, an incredible artist, and hates water.

#2 The freestyle kayaking World Championships happened this September at the Nantahala Outdoor Centre in North Carolina. And I was competing for Team Canada (but that’s another story).

What does #1 have to do with #2? Well the junior women didn’t have enough countries competing to make it an “official world event” with a metal ceremony and everything. They needed one more country. My sister has a Ukrainian passport….
…yes I did record it. And the video is posted below.

It took me six year and a lot of hard work to make it onto the Canadian Team. It took Jackie one week (including the time it took to contact the Ukrainian embassy, asking for Ukrainian whitewater contacts, and convincing them we weren’t complete strangers because our parents used to live there at one point.)