J. Richard Hill & Co. to develop a Bardstown vision paper

Posted by Spalding Hurst

August 16, 2019

Looking for any and all ideas (i.e. Bring back the B&B, splash park around the courthouse, dam up the river to create a kayaking course, nothing is off limits.

Original post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bardstown/permalink/2546689908742387/

I need some community help. So please share.

This is not a go fund me or a profit venture.

I am going to lean on my creative team from around the world to help develop a Bardstown vision paper that will be richly illustrated.

The goal will be two show examples of how our community could evolve into a world class city of appropriate size. I plan to do it in maps, info graphics, plan and illustrations with a rich narrative.

An example I will return My Old Kentucky Home State Park to our community where it becomes our public garden not unlike the Boston’s Public Garden. I’ll connect Federal Hill and Wickland with trails and carriage ways along Bardstown Creek and to the river. I’ll connect catalyst sites to a Bourbon Valley with a 5-Star Resort and the Bourbon Railroad from Louisville to Bardstown. Our creeks and rivers will become a pearl necklace weaving through the community for canoeing, kayaking, and biking.

The center of town will protect all that is historic while showing how higher density is the prudent and responsible direction of the future. A key will be to bring in a new vitality to the center of town through human activation.

There will be an emphasis on a vision of a healthy, walk-able, pedestrian, and biking first community filled with culture and activities. The place you want to live.

I am sure many will be quick to discredit the end product but hey that’s OK. But perhaps I can raise the vision of what could and should be.

So please share any and all thoughts.

This is a year project and the end product will be widely distributed on 4 news paper size pages with no advertisements and with no use of public funds. It will be full color printed on glossy paper.

I thank anyone who wants to dream with me in advance by sharing your thoughts.

Again since my FB friends are limited please share. Great ideas have no geographic limits.

The Bardstown Boaters will meet with the design company to discuss how the Beech Fork can be integrated into this plan.


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