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Most existing whitewater parks were funded through county or city departments. Funding is often incorporated into the city or county tax structure. A few funding options are concessionaire fees, donations, capital funds, bonds, short-term borrowing, government grants and private foundation grants. For more detailed information on these options, link to funding.

Why a Whitewater Park?
•Modify the hazardous dam
•Attract visitors to the park
•Create a venue for paddlers
•Increase the city’s water supply
•Enhance the fish habitat
•Create a family-friendly and easily accessible river park
•Improve the aesthetics of the site
•Provide local economic stimulation

Users of the Park
• Down River Kayakers and Canoeist
• Play Boaters
• Tubers
• Fishermen
• Spectators
• Swift Water Rescue Training

Economic Impacts
• Recreation
• Tourism
• Competitions
• New Jobs & Businesses
• Environmental Awareness
• Construction of the River
• Enhance Land & Property Value
• Business Retention