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So my journey begins… in the airport.  Right now I am pretty tired and I still have 30 of 36 hours to go.  My next flight takes me from a surprisingly sunny New York City to Souel Korea.  But I already feel like I’m in a foreign country, because I am the only American in this whole terminal.  And if not the only American, certainly the only one with red hair.  This next day of traveling to New Zealand will not be the most comfortable or relaxing thing I have experienced.  It will probably be closer to the worst.  But I hear it’s all worth it when you get there.  So I’m looking forward to that.  The Korean Air logo looks like the Pepsi logo.  Not a whole lot to say about the trip so far.  Just trying to get there right now.
Half way there.  I’m in Seoul Korea.  I am only getting to see the airport of this county, but they have some great design.  Even the shape of the urinals put ours to shame.  There graphic design is great too.  Even on something like the store front of a KFC.  You have got to give it to them on there design.
I have totally lost track of time and date.  I know that it is 6:54pm here.  But what day is it?  What time is it to me?  It feels like it’s late and I should be sleeping.  I am dog tired, my eyes hurt.  I vow to get some good sleep on this next 12 hour flight.  The trip from NY to Seoul was miserable really.  I would sleep for 30-minutes here and there, but you are too cramped to sleep well.  I watched School of Rock 4 times I think.  Plus three other movies.  It will all be over soon.  My ears are killing me right now.  I can’t hear anything.