Greetings Bourbon Chasers!

Posted by Spalding Hurst

March 13, 2009


Details are coming together for the 2009 Bourbon Chase. Your planning committee is working hard to make this a great experience for your team. Their goal is for every participant to think “Wow! We have to do this next year!” If you have a great idea, share it with us. You’re going to have a blast and have some great stories to share too!

Going to run, just haven’t signed up?
Hurry! March 31st is the deadline for early bird registration, be sure to rally the troops and get your team captain to sign up. It isn’t required to have your whole team in place before registering, just the captain! So, save $300 and sign up now by clicking here!

Need a team or a few runners?
Do you want to run the Bourbon Chase but don’t have a team? Has your team found most of its runners, but need a few more to complete your roster. Great news, we just formed a new group to help you find those kindred spirits, just click here for more

Are you crazy? I’m not running 200 miles with 11 other crazy people, but I can help!
The Bourbon Chase is a massive undertaking and we are looking for some friendly volunteers to help in a thousand different ways. We’ll need help on the various work groups, at the 35 exchange zones along the 200 mile course, starting line, finish line and every point between. Email us at

My company is better than your company!!
Many companies are looking for ways to promote wellness and camaraderie. Uh…and plus its great advertising!! Register your team in the corporate division today! Pass this info along to your HR folks and, who knows, maybe they’ll pick up the tab!

Don’t be selfish, tell your friends!
That’s right; I know Mother taught you how to share! Don’t keep the Bourbon Chase from your friends, share the love! C’mon pass this email along to your comrades!

Keep up with us all the time!
Follow us on Twitter @ willrun4bourbon – regularly updated 140 characters or less!
Also join our Facebook Group “The Bourbon Chase”


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