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Mammoth Cave Gauge: 16ft – 24ft

Jay, Sarah, Zach, Jennifer and myself paddled the Green River through Mammoth Cave National Park this past weekend. This was after heavy rains so the water level was very high, but the Green is a calm river in this the Green River Ferry to Houchins Ferry. That current kept us moving at a speedy 3 mph without even paddling. At our campsite the river rose about 8 feet while we were there overnight. This was a fantastic trip and the weather cooperated beautifully through out. Some highlights through out were the confrontation with the ferry man and Zach’s wood gathering rampages. Beastie became the “Best Dog Ever” after continually jumping in the river to retrieve sticks. I got a speeding ticket driving home. Pretty weak ticket, 10mph over the speed limit. The coolest part of the section we paddled was one spot where an underground spring came in. The only way to get here was to paddle to it. The rest of the scenery along the river was nothing too special. We camped on Boardcut Island.