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By Tim Wheat:

Went on a river that I’ve never been on before. Floyds Fork in southern Jefferson Co. can be a pretty fun 3 ½ – 4 hour float paddle. Easy access both at the put in and take out. There were 6 of us all together. Me and my buddy from college paddled our kayaks, and there were 2 conoes with 2 newbies each in them. Before long, my buddy and I were spending considerable time chasing coolers, paddles, and beer down the river because the newbies in the conoes kept tipping over.

There is not really a whole lot of flat water on the trip, but quite a few ripples, and 2 – 3 class I parts. The river does tend to bend and curve a lot too. The guage on read 5.84ft that afternoon (not to sure how to compare it to cfs), but as I understand that once it reaches above 8 ft, the river becomes washed out. None the less, it was a pretty fun paddle, and very close to Louisville. I live in the highlands and it only took about 20 minutes to get to the put in. Put in is about 1 ½ mile south of the Gene Snyder off of Taylorsville Rd. at Floyds Fork park. Take out is down off of Billtown Rd (I can get more specific directions if need be). Total time to run shuttle is only about 30 minutes round trip.