February Meeting Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

March 12, 2012

February Meeting Minutes

by StoutMan » Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:20 am

Attendance – 14

John, Sharon, Liz , Brian S., Larry, Jim, Penny, Spalding, Richard, Robert m., and others.

Call to order – 7:30

first issue – Plum Creek put in gravel. Larry to get in contact with land owner for the gravel.

next issue – Funds Disbursements to be discussed at next meeting.

Next – Jim proposed that the Vikings Sponsor the Not NPFF after Party at Elkhorn acres with food and beverages. (Budget $200.00) – Approved

Next – Viking Hand Books – To Save Money incurred by the club. A new method was in need to get the viking directory out to membership and have a physical parking pass for the Elkhorn. after deliberations of many ideas it was decided that the best course of action was to get the Viking Directory Online under the Vikings only section. The directory is to be kept up to date throughout the year so nobody is left out and people can print them out themselves if needed. Directory will be kept up by Chris Stout and Spalding Hurst.

Elkhorn Creek parking Passes – Passes will be post cards that will be printed and mailed out as soon as art work was completed by Penny Kephart (THANK YOU they look awesome). Passes should be in the mail by March 16.

next issue – Newbie Follow up – to try and increase new member retention. follow up phone calls to newbies after trips they partake in to see how they are doing. John Albright wants to be head contact.

Mentor-ship Program – ideas kicked around for a big Brother/ Big Sister type program (needs to be discussed at another time to get trip planing done this meeting).


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